DBS FX Service

Simplicity in FX transaction at our 24 hours monitoring.

Product Details


  • FX Same Day Value
    FX transaction with same overbooking date with instruction date
  • FX Non Same Day Value
    Instruct your FX transaction with overbooking date one or two working days after instruction date to meet your needs.
  • FX Order
    Decide your rate of transaction, let us watch your preferred rate order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your order will be processed once preferred rate hit market rate.


  • Choices of currencies
    Customer can choose several currencies, including AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, SGD and USD.
  • 24/5
    Don’t spend time watching market rate. Give order, let us watch Your order 24 hours a day, 5 days a week subject to currency holiday
  • Profit from currency fluctuation
    Customer could get profit from currency movement, if suitable.
  • Simple and efficient
    By using phone instruction, Customer could give verbal instruction, with content and design stated by the Bank
  • Asset Diversification
    Customer could diverse asset into several currencies
  • Value Date Flexibility
    Customer can choose value date accordingly to their needs while complying to regulation and the Bank’s policy.


Service Issuer

PT Bank DBS Indonesia

Value Date

Today: same day with trade date

Tomorrow: one business day after trade date

Spot: two business days after trade date


Market Risk:

Is the result of market price movement, that is if after a transaction with agreed FX rate is confirm, the FX rate is then changed. The change can cause customer fund to be less if converted back to original currency

Settlement Risk:

Risk that emanate from the inability of the Bank, customer, or other parties related to the FX transaction settelment.


The fee of FX transaction is included in the FX rate.

As per the Bank procedure, stamp duty charge is applied to FX transaction if Customer give instruction using form.

FX Regular Same Day Value and FX Regular Non Same Day Value


  • Base nominal is USD 100.000,00
  • Customer wish to convert USD to EUR
  • Instruction date : Monday, 24 November 2014
  • Trade date: Monday, 24 November 2014. (date when FX rate is confirmed by customer)
  • Exchange Rate : EUR/USD 1.2500

Transaction happened:

  • Debit from USD account with nominal USD 100.000,00
  • Credit from EUR account with nominal EUR 80.000,00

Overbooking will processed at following date:

Preferred ValueProcessing TimeValue Date
Today Same day with trade date 24 November 2014
TOM One working day after trade date 25 November 2014
SPOT Two working days after trade date 26 November 2014

FX Order – If Done


  • Nominal USD 100.000,00
  • Customer sell USD and buy GBP (leg 1), then sell GBP and buy USD (leg 2)
  • Instruction date : 24 November 2014
  • Maturity date : 1 December 2014
  • Value date : Value TODAY (Same day with trade date)
  • Observation period : 7 days Good Till Cancelled (started on trade date and ended at 08.00 WIB on maturity date)
  • Spot rate on instruction date : GBP/USD 1.6451

For FX Order IF DONE, Leg 2 will be watched only if Leg 1 already done and if Leg 1 done but Leg 2 not hit market rate, Leg 1 will be process and not cancellable.

Bank Buy
Currency & Amount
USD 100,000.00 Bank Buy
Currency & Amount
GBP 61,274.51
Bank Sell
Currency & Amount
GBP 61,274.50 Bank Sell
Currency & Amount
USD 100,612.74
Exchange Rate 1.6320 Exchange Rate 1.6420
Order Rate 1.6310 Order Rate 1.6430
Spread 10 Spread 10

Scenario 1

During 24 Nov 14 until 1 Des 2014 08.00 a.m., EUR/USD market rate hit Order rate Leg 1 at 1.6310 on 26 Nov 2014 (Leg 1 trade date) and Order rate Leg 2 at 1.6430 on 30 Nov 2014 (Leg 2 trade date).

On value date 26 Nov 2014, USD 100,000.00 will be converted to EUR account @1.6320 to EUR 61,274.50 and on 30 Nov 2014 converted to USD account @1.6420 to USD 100,612.74.

With only 1 form, Customer could give 7 days order instruction and gain USD 612.74

scenario 1-1

Scenario 2

During 24 Nov 14 until 1 Des 2014 08.00 a.m. EUR/USD market rate hit Order rate Leg 1 at 1.6310 on 26 Nov 2014 (Leg 1 trade date) but not hit Order rate Leg 2 at 1.6430 until maturity date 1 Dec 2014.

On value date 26 Nov 2014 USD 100,000.00 will be converted to EUR account @1.3675 to EUR 73,126.14.

Customer received fund in EUR account wit nominal EUR 61,274.51.

scenario 1-2

FX Order – One Cancel Other


  • Nominal USD 100.000,00
  • Customer wants to sell USD and buy EUR at below spot rate on transaction date (Order 1) or above spot rate on transaction date (Order 2). If one rate hit, will be cancelled the rest.
  • Instruction date: 24 November 2014
  • Value date : TODAY (Same day with Trade date)
  • Observation period : Overnight (Start 5 p.m. (Mon-Thu) on trade date and will be ended 8 a.m. next working day.
  • Spot rate on Trade date : EUR/USD 1.3618
Bank Buy
Currency & Amount
USD 100,000.00
Bank Buy at rate 1
Currency & Amount
EUR 73,529.41
Exchange rate 1 : 1.3600
Order Rate 1 : 1.3590
Spread 1 10
Bank Buy at rate 2
Currency & Amount
EUR 73,126.14
Exchange rate 2 : 1.3675
Order rate 2: 1.3665
Spread 2 10

Scenario 1

During 24 Nov 14 5 p.m. until 25 Nov 2014 8 am. EUR/USD market rate hit Order rate 1 @1.3590 before hit Order rate 2 @1.3665.

On value date 25 Nov 2014 fund USD 100,000.will be converted to EUR account @1.3600 to EUR 73,529.41

scenario 2-1

Scenario 2

During 24 Nov 14 pukul 5 p.m. until 25 Nov 2014 8 a.m. EUR/USD market rate hit Order rate 2 @1.3665 befre hit Order rate 1 @1.3590.

On value date 25 Nov 2014 fund USD 100,000.00 will be converted to EUR account @1.3665 to EUR 73,529.41.

scenario 2-2

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