Life Insurance


As you build on your achievements, it’s wise to remember financial planning fundamentals about protecting what you already have.

ProLife (USD)

Stay protected for life with a US dollar whole life insurance plan.


  • A regular premium whole life insurance plan that covers up to age 99 of insured
  • Paid Up Additions – policy holder can participate in Manulife’s profit through increase in Sum Insured

Family Estate Protection (USD)

Insurance coverage for life, with just a single premium.


  • Convenient whole life protection plan with a single premium payment in USD
  • Insurance coverage up to age 99 of insured
  • Cash Value will be equal to or more than the total premium paid by insured at year 8 of policy

How to apply

  • Contact your Treasures Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches
  • Call our DBSI Customer Centre at 1 500 327 / 69 327 (via mobile phone)

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