Life Insurance

Endowment Savings Plans

Dreaming is easy. Realising it is not. That is why life insurance has endowment plans that allow you to set aside cash – monthly or yearly.

Golden Protector

Keep life’s chapters secure, no matter how you have planned or written it. Complete retirement protection1 with cash payment benefits and bonuses, with retirement options starting as early as 40 with the freedom to adjust premium terms.


  • Choice of retirement options as early as 40 to 60 with five-year intervals in between
  • Flexibility to adjust the premium from 5, 10, 15, or 20 years
  • Options available to add the amount of payments to increase the sum assured
  • No pre-requisite health screening
  • No monthly administration fee
  • Cash Payment Benefit includes 50% of sum insured with disbursement at the pension age of insured's choice
  • Annual cash benefit 10% of sum insured annually until the insured is 70 years old
  • Yearly Bonus (Survival Bonus) given at the same time with cash payment benefit as long as the insured is living2
  • End of Coverage Period Bonus (Terminal Bonus) given at the end of insurance period with premium requirement paid until the end of premium payment period2
1Protection covers only personal accident, life insurance coverage can be added as a rider
2Bonuses are not guaranteed and calculated by the underwriter based on the surplus of mortality rate investments

How to apply

  • Contact your Treasures Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches
  • Call our DBSI Customer Centre at 1 500 327 / 69 327 (via mobile phone)

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