Health Insurance

Hospitalisation Plan

Strive to prepare for the worst and minimize your burden associated with cost of treatment by getting health insurance coverage available in our selves.


A unique insurance coverage plan that provides whole life insurance and health care benefits to better meet your needs at different stages of your life. With increasing life expectancy and growing affluence, there's never a better time to plan for your future healthcare needs. 


  • A regular premium whole life insurance up to 99 years of age, with comprehensive hospitalisation and medical benefits, including critical illnesses
  • Automatic increase of the initial sum assured at age 75 of the insured with maturity and death benefits

Health Cash

Get better without the worrying. Ensuring you recover from any illness or unforeseen health issues is of utmost importance. With rising healthcare and living costs, it is comforting to know that your healthcare and income needs will be taken care of.


  • A regular premium health insurance plan that provides income replacement during hospitalisation
  • Double claim without original receipt (from 2 insurance providers) possible
  • Available for family coverage in one single policy
  • Guaranteed bonus (return of premium), receive 85% of the total premiums paid, with a fixed premium at year 10 1

How to apply

  • Contact your Personal Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches
  • Call our DBSI Customer Centre at 1 500 327 / 69 327 (via mobile phone)
1Regular premium payments required with no early termination of contract before year 10

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