Obligation to Use Rupiah in Domestic Transaction

This is to inform you that in accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 17/3/PBI/2015 dated March 31, 2015 and Bank Indonesia Circulation Letter No. 17/11/DKSP dated June 1, 2015 regarding Obligation of Utilization of Rupiah in the Territory of Republic of Indonesia, every bank that operates in Indonesia is obligated to inform its customer that effective July 1, 2015, all transactions executed in the Territory of Republic of Indonesia, either conducted by resident or non-resident, in the form of cash transaction or non-cash transaction shall use Rupiah currency.

In connection with the above, below are the transactions that are exempted from this obligation, among others:

  1. Certain transaction within the framework of the APBN implementation
  2. Acceptance or grants from or to abroad
  3. International trade transaction
  4. Savings in Bank in foreign currency
  5. International financing transaction
  6. Transaction in foreign currencies executed pursuant to the law

To support the implementation of those regulations, Bank Indonesia provides the media of consultation:

  • Call Centre : 021 - 500 131
  • Email :
  • Clinic : Tuesday & Thursday (based on appointment by contacting the call centre)

Any violation of the above obligations will be penalized:

  • Cash Transaction
    Criminal provisions of Article 33 of Law No. 7 of 2011 regarding Currencies will be applied (Imprisonment maximum one year and fine maximum Rp 200.000.000 (two million rupiah)
  • II. Non cash Transaction, administrative sanctions:
    1. Written warning
    2. Fine in the form of an obligation to pay 1% of the transaction value with a maximum or Rp (1 billion rupiah); and /or
    3. Prohibition to participate in payment transactions

In relation to the above regulation starting July 1st 2015 all transfer and deposit transactions (with different names between remitter and account owner) transactions in foreign currency are required to provide transaction purposes. Further information on the code and description of the purpose of the transaction can be found on the LLD Purpose Code page.

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