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Conduct your daily business banking activities easily and conveniently

Why choose DBS Business Account?

  • Enjoy unparalleled convenience with our wide banking network in Indonesia and with additional access to all your business banking services via IDEAL™, our online banking platform
  • Benefit from our easy to understand approach to banking. We are the first Asian Bank to achieve the Crystal Mark award for the use of plain English for terms and conditions governing business. Plus, DBS Indonesia was recently awarded the Banking Efficiency Award 2012 for Joint Venture Bank by Bisnis Indonesia
  • Ensure your funds are safe with an "AA-" and "Aa1"rated bank. DBS Bank has been named the Safest Bank in Asia by Global Finance for five consecutive years, from 2009 to 2013
  • Access 12 different currencies. You can bank in AUD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, IDR, JPY, NZD, SEK, SGD, and USD
  • Manage your daily operations and payments with IDEAL™, payroll, IDEAL™ eReports, e-Tax Pay, Virtual Account and foreign exchange services


I want to open a Business Account, however I do not live in Indonesia. Do I have to come down personally?

In order for us to better understand the nature of your business, we do require a face-to-face meeting with you before we can open your Business Account.

I plan to open several accounts under different currencies. Will I have to maintain a minimum balance for each account?

Yes, you will have to maintain a minimum balance for each account.

CurrencyMonthly Minimum Balance RequirementFall-below Fee


IDR 10 million

IDR 100,000


USD 5,000

USD 10

A fall-below fee will be deducted if your average monthly credit balance is less than the minimum monthly balance requirement.

How is my average daily balance for the month calculated, and when will the fall-below fee be deducted from my Business Account?

Your end-of-day credit balance is tracked throughout the month. These balances are then added together and divided by the number of days in the month in order to determine your average daily balance. If your average daily balance falls below the minimum balance requirement for the account, then a fall-below fee will be deducted at the beginning of the following month.

Are there any set up fees for opening an account with DBS?

No, there are no set-up fees.

How long will it take to open a new Business Account?

It takes one to three working days to process completed documents submitted to your Relationship Manager at one of our branches.

Will there be a fee should I want to close my Business Account in the future?

Yes, there will be a fee of IDR 25,000 or USD 10.

How does the cash-back system for the transaction charges work for the transfer/SKN, and RTGS fee?

At the end of the month, we will count the number of transfer/SKN and RTGS transactions in your account. We will return the fees for the first 30 charges back to your account the next month.


How do I apply?

Click here to apply for a DBS Business Account!

Banking Efficiency Award for Joint Venture Bank

Banking Efficiency Award for Joint Venture Bank, 2012, Bisnis Indonesia

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“DBS has always been helpful and supportive to our business. We are comfortable with DBS and we hope this mutual relationship will continue to grow.”
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