Dana Bantuan Sahabat (Personal Loan)

Benefits of Dana Bantuan Sahabat Online Loan up to IDR 200 Mio with special interest start from 0.95% which only available on PT Bank DBS Indonesia (the “Bank”) website. Valid for those who live in Jabodetabek, Bandung & Surabaya.

Enjoy the benefits:
  • Low interest rate
  • Flexible repayment terms : 12, 24 and 36 months
  • Loan amount IDR 200 Mio

How To Apply

Apply Now

Product Details

General Criteria

General CriteriaEmployeeSelf EmployedProfessional
Indonesian Citizen with age between 21 – 55 years oldvvv
Minimum monthly gross incomeIDR 3,000,000IDR 5,000,000IDR 5,000,000
Minimum credit card limitIDR 6,000,000IDR 7,000,000IDR 7,000,000
Minimum length of employment1 year with permanent status2 years2 years
Minimum credit card's active period from another Bank9 months12 months12 months


Document*EmployeeSelf EmployedProfessional
Original Applicationvvv
Photocopy of ID ('KTP')vvv
Photocopy of Credit Cardvvv
Photocopy of NPWP/ SPT PPH 21vvv
*Bank has the right to request additional documents if necessary.


Interest Rate

AreaApproved Loan Amount by BankInterest Rate(flat/month)**
JabodetabekIDR 5 – < IDR 125 Mio


> IDR 75 – IDR 125 Mio


> IDR 125 – IDR 200 Mio


> IDR 200Mio - IDR 300 Mio


Bandung & SurabayaIDR 5 – IDR 200 Mio


* Interest rate is indicative. The calculation of real interest is daily interest based on effective interest divided by 360 (three hundred and sixty) days as listed on Welcome Letter after Dana Bantuan Sahabat Online Facility has been approved


Annual Fee1styear**1.75% from the approved amount of KTA DBS
2ndyear onwards***IDR 65,000 per year
Administration Fee**IDR 399,000
Transfer Fee**IDR 30,000
Late FeeIDR 250,000 per late payment
Early Redemption Fee8% from the outstanding loan and other fees
Cancellation Fee8% from the outstanding loan and other fees

** Fees will be deducted one time from approved loan amount
*** Annual fee second year onwards will be charged on installment 13th and/or 25th for active customer


We provide you with various payment channels for your monthly installment.

Payment Channel

Transaction Fees

ATM BCA (Transfer Menu)

Based on the policy of the Bank


IDR 5,000

ATM Bersama*

Based on each Bank's regulation

Transfer / Clearing*

Based on each Bank's regulation

PT Bank DBS Indonesia Counter (Teller)*

IDR 50,000

* Transaction fee needs to be added to the monthly installment


How to calculate montly instalment from DBS Personal Loan:

Monthly installment = (loan amount + (amount x monthly flat interest rate x tenor))/tenor

Loan Amount                  = IDR 150 million
Tenor                             = 24 months (2 years)
Monthly interest rate        = 0.95% (flat)

Monthly installment calculation:
(IDR 150 mio + (IDR 150 mio x 0.95% x 24 ))/24 = IDR 7,674,734.-

Then, monthly installment are = Rp 7,674,734.-

General Terms and Conditions

Interest Calculation Illustration

Information & product requirement

PT Bank DBS Indonesia is registered and supervised by Financial Services Authority (OJK – Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).

PT Bank DBS Indonesia does not offer Dana Bantuan Sahabat Facility through SMS (Short Messaging Service), Whatsapp or any media other than PT Bank DBS Indonesia’s official media.


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