We are Caring

Our beginnings

Till today, migrant workers have been relying on traditional recruitment companies to get jobs; these agencies charge them multiple months of their salaries, or conduct salary deductions, to secure an employer.

We Are Caring was created in 2016 to tackle this challenge by enabling a debt-free recruitment model in Singapore, allowing employers to find a domestic worker in an easy, fast, and ethical way. We do not charge migrant workers seeking a job. Our mission is to eradicate salary deductions for all migrant workers, starting with domestic workers.

Founder of We Are Caring, David Bensadon

Founder of We Are Caring, David Bensadon


The work we do

We Are Caring is a leading online platform that believes in ethical recruitment of domestic workers in Singapore.

Since 2016, we have provided more than 4,000 jobs to domestic workers without any fees. Our online platform is built on a technology that focuses on matching the needs of families to a suitable domestic help, whichg ensures a longer tenure and lower attrition rate. Through our platform, domestic helpers do not have to accept any salary deductions or begin their employment in debt, and instead start receiving their compensation from the first month of employment.

In 2022, we will expand our scope to offer the platform to all migrant workers and job scopes. We will also expand our offerings to include a series of trainings that our clients will then be able to share and record on their profile in the app. Currently, we are a profitable social enterprise and are ready to scale operations in Singapore and looking to expand our operations in Hong Kong and Dubai next year.

Meeting with Essec MBA students
Meeting with Essec MBA students

Impact created

Our beneficiaries are primarily migrant workers, starting with migrant domestic workers.

To date we have,

  • Provided 4,000 jobs to more than 3,000 domestic workers without any fees, thereby allowing them to earn a full income from the time they begin employment.
  • Increased the retention rate for our clients from 50% to 65% (percentage of domestic workers who continue to work for the same employer after one year).
  • Helped save more than SGD 4 million in fees for domestic workers and families in Singapore.

How we partner with DBS Foundation

DBS Foundation Businesses trailblazing for impact

The DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant will catalyse our market expansion beyond Singapore and allow us to engage with new underserved migrant worker groups through the deployment of our mobile application. As a Foundation-supported enterprise, we hope to proliferate the idea of ethical recruitment of domestic workers through the DBS network and promote the adoption of such practices.

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