Pley School

Our beginnings

Pley School started in 2016 with a belief that the purpose of education is to learn how to make the world a better place. Growing up in harsher neighbourhoods in Taiwan, discrimination against children from underprivileged background is evident across many areas of their lives. We were motivated to develop an education curriculum to teach children how to discern and apply kindness through game-based learning.

We want to develop a strong value system in children from a young age to inspire them to do good in society and act as role models to inspire more children to act with empathy.

Co-Founders of Pley School, Ken Li and Matt Lin

Co-Founders of Pley School, Ken Li and Matt Lin


The work we do

We design games to address social issues and create holistic educational course content for students in schools all over Taiwan to participate in the discussion of these issues.

Corporations and NGOs either buy our courses or work with us to design complementary teaching materials for teachers to influence rural and disadvantaged children. We also offer holiday camps during term breaks in the winter and summer for children.

Matt leads a roleplay course with beneficiaries
Matt leads a roleplay course with beneficiaries

Impact created

Our beneficiaries include children across a wide economic stratum, but our key focus is on underprivileged children.

To date we have,

  • Held trainings and holiday camps that have positively impacted 3,000 children.
  • Held over 50 teacher workshops and equipped 1,400 teachers to deliver social innovation courses.
  • Worked with eight enterprises to issue 2,000 complimentary teaching kits for teachers and provided access to complimentary courses to 300 underprivilege children.

How we partner with DBS Foundation

DBS Foundation Businesses trailblazing for impact

Our journey with DBS Foundation began long before we received the grant. The DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant will enable further development of our curriculum in varying formats, and make possible seminars for teachers to join us in making Taiwan’s society a kinder one to live in.

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