Our beginnings

Agriculture is a large professional industry in Taiwan. Farm households account for 97% of Taiwan’s agricultural production market, but they often work in silos, leading to intense competition. In addition, the effects of climate change and the challenges of knowledge transfer to the next generation collectively exacerbates the low crop yields.

With experience working with farmers, our founder, Shaw Wu, realised he could help farmers improve their operational production, harvest yields, and subsequently, their business and income, through his knowledge and expertise in data science. He founded DataYoo to bring this idea to reality.

Shaw Wu, Founder of DataYoo

Shaw Wu, Founder of DataYoo


The work we do

DataYoo’s scientific management platform helps farmers analyse their crops to improve predictions to stabilise the production and quality of their yield. We rally farm households together via agricultural cooperatives and introduce them to the app to show farmers how data and technology can help them.

Persuading farmers to use data and scientific management is a challenge. To overcome this, we show them real results to prove the effects of our core tech and services. In leveraging scientific management to produce better quality fruit, we convert competition into cooperation.

We have successfully helped organic pineapple farmers to increase the quality specifications of pineapples from 50% to 80%. We have predicted 100% of their production periods and yields in 2020. Through crop analysis, we have also increased the fruit weight of greenhouse tomatoes in Taoyuan by 16% and its plant yields by 18%.

Today, we continue to help various farm households and the crops they grow, such as cucumber, mango, pomelo and more. Apart from Taiwan, we are also helping farmers in South America by advising them on growth adjustments due to climate change. We also help them increase their crop exports and solve their food and exportation issues.

We are committed to improving the accuracy of harvest date predictions for 50 farmers’ co-operatives, and supporting the reduction of 7 tonnes of food waste by 2023.

DataYoo’s application to help predict of harvest yield and farm conditions
DataYoo’s application to help predict of harvest yield and farm conditions

Impact created

To date we have,

  • Onboarded 10 farmers and 21 farm fields through farmers’ cooperatives and strategic partners.
  • Increased yields of watermelons by 27%.
  • Collected 214,441 field data to help farmers with the agricultural growth.
Full Datayoo introduction at DataYoo-Superior in AI and Agriculture
Full Datayoo introduction at DataYoo-Superior in AI and Agriculture

How we partner with DBS Foundation

DBS Foundation Businesses trailblazing for impact

The DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant will help to digitise farmland management to attract talents in agricultural work using a data-driven scientific approach in Taiwan, and expand our educational and outreach efforts to more farmers.

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