Bring a friend to digibank and get ₹250

Send your friends a mobile transfer to start earning cashback!

The digibank Mobile Transfer Program

Just send a mobile transfer to a friend’s mobile number and you will both get ₹250 cashback when they open a digiSavings account and spend ₹2,000 on their digibank debit card. You can refer up to 20 friends every month and earn up to ₹5,000 – so get started now!

How It Works

  1. Just make a mobile transfer of at least ₹1 to a friend using the “TRANSFER TO” option on digibank using the mobile number of a newly added payee
  2. The mobile transfer must be sent during the promotional period (see FAQs below)
  3. Your friend must be a non-existing digibank customer and open a new digiSavings account within 15 days of receiving the mobile transfer
  4. To qualify for cashback, your friend must spend ₹2,000 in one or multiple transactions using their physical digibank debit card within 45 days of opening their digiSavings account
  5. This offer is only available for digiSavings customers

Frequently Asked Questions for Mobile Transfer Program

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