Enjoy paperless, signatureless, branchless banking.

digibank is India’s first paperless, signatureless & branchless bank. You can open a digibank e-wallet in 90 seconds flat to make bill payments. And convert to a zero balance digiSavings account for the best interest rate by just using your Aadhaar and getting your biometric done at over 500 partner stores. Now isn’t that easy?

Experience UPI with digibank – one app for all your bank accounts

UPI on digibank enables you to manage all your bank accounts from one single app, you send and receive money using a virtual payment address (VPA – yourname@dbs ) without any other account information. No need to disclose or remember account details, passwords anymore. As always it’s simpler and safer with digibank.

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Pay in a snap with Bharat QR.
Scan a QR code to pay with your smartphone.

Make payments using your digibank app at all Bharat QR enabled stores and websites. Just log in to digibank, select pay using QR code and scan the Bharat QR code.

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Help is at hand. Get your own 24x7 Virtual Assistant, powered by artificial intelligence – a first in Asia.

Now you needn’t wait endlessly for someone to answer your calls. digibank’s 24x7 Virtual Assistant with artificial intelligence holds the answers to 10,000+ banking-related questions.

And yes, you get answers anywhere, anytime and real time.

Meet your Virtual Assistant

Get money wise with the budget optimiser.

The budget optimiser lets you budget, track expenses, analyse purchasing patterns and even provides actionable advice by understanding your behaviour and preferences.

Total foodie? Be prepared to enjoy discounts at restaurants. Moreover, it lets you set spending limits and know when you’re overspending. And advises you on how to make your money work even harder.

Dynamic inbuilt security, safer & more convenient than OTP.

digibank sets the benchmark when it comes to secure banking. It has an embedded soft token for security, which means you avoid the hassle SMS with an OTP to arrive,

remembering it and retyping the password. So it provides stronger security for transaction authorisation and is safer.

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