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ICICI Prudential Multi-Asset Fund Growth

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Not Rated

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Multi Asset Allocation
Total Net Assets (mil)
199,737.43 INR
Morningstar® Benchmark
Not Categorized
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Fund Benchmark
25% Nifty Composite Debt Index PR INR, 65% IISL Nifty 200 TR INR, 3% iCOMDEX Composite TR INR, 6% Domestic Price of Gold TR INR, 1% Domestic Price of Silver TR INR

3M 9.09
6M 10.42
1Y 22.84
3Y* 26.63
5Y* 16.32
10Y* 16.85
*Annualised Return Data Through 25/07/2023
2023 -0.14 7.21 - -
2022 5.70 -3.126.47 7.17
2021 8.63 9.12 12.90 0.68
2020 -23.90 19.38 1.21 19.57
2019 4.12 2.12 -3.76 5.27
3Y Alpha -
3Y Beta -
5Y Risk-
3Y R-Squared -
3Y Info Ratio -
3Y Tracking Error -
3Y Sharpe Ratio1.68
3Y Std Dev 11.98
3Y Risk-
10Y Risk -

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* Report as of 26 Jul 2023

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