Savings Account

Savings Bank Account

A Savings Account allows you to earn interest as you save money. With a Savings Account from DBS Bank, you can experience new-age intelligent banking solutions ranging from digital gold investments to 5-star rated mutual fund schemes. Go fully digital with DBS Bank’s Online Savings Accounts and enjoy bespoke privileges.

From exclusive rewards and discounts to instant fund transfers, investment options and mobile banking – get it all from the comfort of your phone or computer. Fast track your dreams with digital and paperless Personal Loans or initiate instant money transfers worldwide with DBS Bank Remit.

So many benefits, we call it a benefits account

Get 5X benefits through exclusive offers, memberships, and vouchers:

Amazon Pay Gift Card worth up to Rs 250

Amazon Pay Gift Card worth up to Rs 250*

Choose one offer from each category based on your lifestyle

Choose one offer from each category based on your lifestyle

Times Prime Lite Membership with benefit worth Rs 25,000*

Times Prime Lite Membership with benefits worth Rs 25,000*

Get annual savings up to Rs 25,000 with exclusive offers on debit card.*

Get annual savings up to Rs 25,000 with exclusive offers on debit card.

Your dream life is a click away with the DBS Bank Savings Account

To simplify every aspect of your financial life, all you need to do is open a DBS Bank Savings Account – your one-stop shop for all your banking needs. Here is what you get when you do:


Competitive Interest Rates

Let your idle money work for you. Earn attractive interest rates on deposits parked in your DBS Bank account.

Instant Account Opening

Instant Account Opening

Why visit the bank when you can open the account from the comfort of your home? With DBS Bank’s paperless online Savings Account facility, you can open your account from anywhere, anytime. Download the digibank app to open an instant DBS Bank account.

Lower MAB and No Caps on Deposits

Lower MAB and No Caps on Deposits

It is mandatory to maintain a monthly average balance of Rs. 10,000 in your DBS Bank account. Conveniently deposit any amount of your choice without worrying about maximum caps on deposits.

Intuitive Platform

Intuitive Platforms

Access your instant DBS Bank account on-the-go with our intuitive iBanking platforms. While all our banking features are available on your smartphone with the digibank app, we understand you may sometimes need the big screen, which is why we created the DBS Bank ibanking platform.

digibank delights

DBS Bank Delights

Stay in control of all your transactions and enjoy curated DBS Bank delights with the DBS Bank Debit Card. Manage your card on your phone, enjoy unlimited ATM withdrawals and get exclusive discounts on some of the best global and national brands. If offers are on your mind, you will be spoilt for choice with thoughtfully curated delights across categories. Depending on your lifestyle needs at the time, you can choose an offer from each category.

Savings Account Interest Rates

An Instant Savings Account with DBS Bank gives you access to great benefits and attractive interest rates on your savings.

DBS Bank Savings Account

Up to Rs.1 lakh


Above Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.2 Lakhs


Above Rs.2 Lakhs and Upto Rs.3 Lakhs


Above Rs.3 Lakhs and Upto Rs.4 Lakhs


Above Rs.4 Lakhs and Upto Rs.5 Lakhs


Above Rs.5 lakhs and up to Rs.10 lakhs


Above Rs.10 lakhs and up to Rs.50 lakhs


Above Rs.50 lakhs and up to Rs.1 Cr


Above Rs.1 Cr


*Interest rates mentioned above are per anum


  1. *Interest rate revised as above w.e.f. 10th Oct 2023.
  2. Interest will be paid at quarterly rests or on any other rests as the Bank may decide from time to time.
  3. Interest will be calculated on daily available balance or as required by the regulator or as a result of banks own decision.
  4. Rate of interest is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Bank and/or in accordance with directives from RBI

Here’s a look at the offer details

Amazon Pay Gift Card worth up to ₹250*


Here are the details of the 5X Benefits you can avail.


Offer bundle with a host of benefits worth over ₹5,000 across Entertainment, Health, Dining, and Shopping. Choose ONE offer from each category, based on your lifestyle.








Here’s how you can redeem the offers


To get the Amazon Pay Gift Card worth ₹250 or ₹100, maintain a Monthly Average Balance of ₹25,000 or ₹10,000, in the month following account opening, regardless of the date of opening the account.


Avail offers worth ₹5,000 on brands like Amazon Prime, Cult.Fit, Swiggy, etc. by spending ₹2,000 on your Debit Card before the end of the month, following the account opening month.


To get a TimesPrime Lite Annual membership with benefits worth ₹25,000, spend cumulative ₹10,000 on your Debit Card by the end of 3rd month, following account opening.

*T&C Apply

Explore more delights

Convenience-First, Solution-ready, that's banking with DBS Bank

Your account provides instant solutions for all your banking needs on a single platform. Here is what you can expect:

Universal Banking Remote

Universal Banking Remote

Why bother with linking multiple mobile apps for various bank accounts when you can effortlessly and seamlessly integrate all your apps and bank accounts onto your DBS Bank Account?

No More Entering OTPs

No More Entering OTPs

Gone are the days of waiting for OTPs to initiate your financial transactions. The in-built Soft Token on the DBS Bank online account securely authenticates all your transactions in an instant, thus expediting your payments.

Track Your Spends

Track Your Spends

Keep a hawk’s eye on all your expenses and spends across various categories to plan your budgets and investments smoothly. Make informed, smart decisions conveniently via the Spends Optimiser feature available to you.

Instant Sharing of Account Details

Instant Sharing of Account Details

Do away with the manual and tedious methods of typing or copy-pasting your account details while sharing them with payees. Now you can share your account details in an instant, with just a click.

Goal-Based Savings

Goal-Based Savings

Breathe life into your dreams with the goal-based savings features on your DBS Bank Savings Account. Whether you want to buy the latest smartphone, gorgeous designer bags or take off on an epic trip across the globe, you can make it all happen without breaking a sweat with your own DBS Bank account.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

There is no need to swipe your card anymore; just a tap will do. Access the Scan & Pay and Tap to Pay features on your RFID-enabled DBS Bank debit cards. Ensure instant and safe payments and secure transactions at any anytime from anywhere.

Smarter Bill Payments

Smarter Bill Payments

Stay ahead of your dues and pay your utility bills – Telecom, Electricity, Gas, Insurance etc, easily. Register your billers and view the status of your bill payment manually or schedule payments 3 days before the due date.

Online Fund Transfers

Online Fund Transfers

Transfer funds to payees across India and abroad via online fund transfer channels. Initiate high value transactions through NEFT, IMPS and RTGS payment systems. Conduct instant money transfers anywhere in the world with the effortlessly easy DBS Bank Remit facility with zero handling fees, preferential conversion rates and 100% credit to recipients.

Seamless Investments

Seamless Investments

Use funds in your account to create risk-free Fixed Deposits and earn assured returns or make goal-oriented savings with DBS Bank Recurring Deposits. Choose from over 250 5 Star rated Mutual Funds by Morningstar and get expert insight on investments.

Fast Track Loans

Fast Track Loans

Fulfil every dream with DBS Bank’s instant, paperless, and digital Fast-Track Loans. Turn your wish-lists into to-do list with Personal Loans up to ₹15 lakh. Enjoy instant approvals, free look-in period, and effortless loan management.

A quick check: Eligibility criteria to apply for a Savings Account

You can open one if:

tickYou are a Resident Indian

tickYou are at least 18 years of age

You also need a mobile phone number registered in India, an email address and a compatible iOS or Android smartphone for online savings account opening.

Just a few documents, and your Savings Account will be ready

You will need your PAN card and Aadhaar card during the online bank account opening process.

Open a Savings Account online in a snap!

Enjoy Instant Onboarding with the online account opening process. It is as simple as it can get.


Visit our website or download the mobile app to open your instant DBS Bank


Keep your PAN Card and Aadhaar card ready for a smooth online onboarding process.


Enhance your account opening process with seamless Video-KYC on your internet-enabled smartphone or computer with camera and video calling features.


DBS Bank will verify your KYC details and your account will be opened at the earliest.

Get your account details on your registered email address. DBS Bank will also mail your account starter kit, debit card, and other details via post.

That is it – You are now ready to become a DBS Bank account holder.

We will process your details instantly, and you will receive your welcome kit within days. Until then, you can leverage DBS Bank’s fully online Savings Account via our ibanking platform to deposit money and initiate transactions.

Think That's All? There's more where that came from!

Whether it’s smarter savings, better investments, easy personal loans, international fund transfers - your digibank is designed to help you live better. It’s so easy, it feels like magic!

Personal Loan

Fast-track your life with instant paperless DBS Bank personal loans of up to Rs. 15 Lakh.

Fixed Deposit

Stay ready for every contingency and rainy days with fixed deposits at a higher interest rate.

Recurring Deposit

Make goal-oriented savings effortlessly at a higher interest rate!


Keep love and life undelayed with instant international transfers at no extra cost.


Through thick and thin, we’ve got you covered with health insurance plans for the family, automobile insurance and travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Savings Account?

A Savings Account is the most common type of account offered by banks and financial institutions. It is an interest-generating deposit account that enables you to park the funds you intend to use for your short-term needs. Banks typically provide modest interest rates on funds deposited in the Account. They also offer several complementary services and facilities with your Savings Account, thereby enabling you to access the account conveniently. For instance, you get an international ATM-cum-debit card, access to internet banking, free cheque book, etc., with your instant DBS Bank account.

What are the basic features of a Savings Account?

You can easily order cheque books and debit and credit cards through the online or mobile banking platform linked to your account. It is a liquid account through which you can make daily withdrawals or deposit as much money as you wish without worrying about any caps or limits. You can also make payments for various expenses via your debit card or through the internet banking platform.

What are the advantages if you open a bank account with DBS Bank?

As a DBS Bank account holder, you get an international ATM-cum-debit card which you can swipe anywhere in India or abroad. You can also choose from a wide range of accounts based on your requirements. Moreover, you get to enjoy exclusive discounts on hundreds of brands while earning reward and cashback points each time you swipe your debit card. You can also initiate international fund transfers at preferential currency exchange rates with zero handling fees on the transaction. Other benefits include instant access to personal loans, easy investment options, attractive savings account interest rates, paperless account opening process and UPI-enabled transactions.

I wish to deposit over ₹50,000 in a single transaction into my instant DBS Bank Savings Account . Do I need to fulfil any requirements to do the same?

As per RBI guidelines, if you wish to deposit funds exceeding ₹50,000 on a single day or in a single transaction, you need to provide your PAN card details.

What is the penalty for non-maintenance of the monthly average balance?

Click here to know the charges for non-maintenance of the average balance.

How is the monthly average balance calculated?

The bank calculates the monthly average balance by adding the end-of-day account balance for all days of the month and dividing them by the number of days. 

When does DBS Bank pay interest on the funds parked?

DBS Bank pays interest on account deposits on a quarterly basis. The bank reserves the discretion to revise the interest rates, and payment rests from time to time.