3% Annual Interest

As a digital bank, we operate more efficiently without high infrastructure costs. We are therefore able to pass on those savings to you through 3% saving interest p.a. Starting from your very first rupiah with no monthly fee and no minimum balance!


Free ATM Cash Withdrawal & Free Fund Transfers

digibank by DBS is widely connected to other banks and their ATM network. You can transfer to any bank and withdraw from any ATMs with Alto & ATM Bersama logo with no fee. This includes DBS & POSB ATMs in Singapore so you never have to worry about running out of cash on your holiday!

And there’s more! You can also transfer funds to any bank account in Indonesia up to IDR200 mio per transaction and maximum IDR500 mio per day from the app. No fuss and no charge!



Up to 5.75% Deposit Interest

Make every rupiah count with our very attractive time deposit interest rate up to 5.75% with only IDR 5 mio deposit. Click here for details.

Check out the digibank "Deposit" menu and let the deposit calculator figure out how much the interest you will get!