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#digitalbankmu will give you:

Annual Interest

digibank by DBS gives 3% p.a. interest starting from your first rupiah. No minimum balance, no admin fee, no penalties.

Free Transfer & Free Cash Withdrawal

Free transfer anywhere from your digibank app. Also free cash withdrawal from any ALTO, BERSAMA, PRIMA, Visa/PLUS ATMs as well as any DBS/POSB ATMs in Singapore!

Up to 5.75%
Deposit Interest

Get up to 5.75% interest for your time deposit. Minimum placement only IDR5 mio directly from your phone!


#digitalbankmu equipped with advance features:


Biometric Technology to open an account

You’ll only need your eKTP, NPWP, and fingerprint to open a digibank account. Then make an appointment at your convenience and preferred location with our agents for verification and you’re done. Paperless and signatureless!

Soft Token for more secure and convenient transaction

With the soft token is already embedded in your app, you'll need only one password to do all transactions. Without hard token or OTPs.

Artificial Intelligence to Answer Your Queries

digibank's Virtual Assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, will happily answer your questions. Available 24/7!

Spending Tracker to Monitor Your Expenses

Manage your transactions and debit card usage with our Spending Tracker. Your money, your call!


#digitalbankmu offers latest promotions:

Save more and earn more with digibank offers:


50% GO-PAY cashback for GO-PAY reload through digibank app

Shopping in Singapore

Wide range of offers from various Singapore merchants using DBS Debit Card


Cashback 50% for every purchase using DBS Debit Card

With DBS Debit Card, you can also enjoy various transaction at any offline and online stores which Verified by Visa