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Paperless, Signatureless with Biometric Security

Avoid the traffic jam and branch queues when you open an account with digibank by DBS! Download digibank from the AppStore or Google Play, get your eKTP & NPWP ready, and fill out the digital form! It takes just 5 minutes and there are no forms to fill out and no documents to sign!

Create an appointment for your biometric verification with our mobile agents. Just name your preferred place and time!

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Registering Soft Token
Soft Token registraion done

Secure and Hassle-Free without OTP

We put your security first. With digibank by DBS, our revolutionary technology uses soft token so that you only need one password for everything. Convenience all in the palm of your hand!

A Wiser Way to Track Your Expenses

digibank's Spending Tracker allows you to optimize your budget by monitoring and analyzing your spending pattern.

Create budgets and set limits for the things you love. Whether it’s shopping or just getting coffee, digibank by DBS makes spending smarter and easier!

Investing is Easy! Open Your Time Deposit Anytime, Anywhere

Don't let traffic and queues stop you from investing. With digibank by DBS, you can enjoy up to 5.75% interest rate for your time deposit from just IDR5 mio.

Simply click on "Deposit" in the app, set your deposit type, choose the tenor and the disbursement option.

It's all in the details

Wouldn’t it be great to find a bank that says what it does and does what it says? With digibank by DBS, you can rest assured that when we say no fees, we mean no fees. Withdraw money from any ATM with ALTO, BERSAMA, PRIMA¬†and Visa/PLUS logo as well as DBS/POSB ATMs in Singapore or transfer money to any bank account in Indonesia, with no fees. No minimum balance required either. Get 3% interest rate from your very first rupiah. That is a real deal!

We are here to help 24/7

Want to know your past transactions or have questions about digibank? Now you don’t need to call us and wait on the line for assistance.

digibank's Virtual Assistant learns as it goes along and you can type your queries on the "Virtual Assistant" column. Get your answer anywhere, anytime, in real time!