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Help your customers get more from their spending with DBS cards. As customers spend on their DBS Cards, they accumulate DBS Points which can be used to redeem shopping and dining vouchers, electronic gadgets, movie discounts, air miles and more. Using DBS’ points core API functions, you can enable your customer to pay for their purchases with DBS Points or Daily$ balance. Customers can also see the conversion rate of their points to cash value, enabling them to make informed decisions before choosing to pay using points balance. Customers can request for payment of their purchases/bill using the Points or Daily$.

Things to note

  • The cash value after conversion of DBS points will yield the results in Singapore Dollars (SGD) currency only.
  • Balances returned are not specific to the card presented, but a consolidation of all the Cards under that specific Rewards scheme (Points or Daily$.
  • As MVP for Q3, 2017, the redemption of DBS Points for total bill amount as well as the partial bill amount is in scope for rewards (OLS) business.
  • Partners to ensure only DBS Cards are used (BIN check) for the Payment Gateway flow.
  • If Rewards redemption fails, partners must take care to reverse the Cards payment, as per their BAU process.
  • There’s no online method available for Refunds. The merchant should contact the bank as per existing process.

The Customer Experience

API Journeys in Action


Your Trainer. Your Stylist. Your Rewards. Now on demand.

By using the Activpass app, users can book and purchase individual fitness, beauty and wellness services and classes, anytime and anywhere - without committing to expensive packages. By using DBS points APIs, Activpass is making it easier for DBS customers to pamper themselves. Customers can pay for services and classes by instantly redeeming their DBS Points on the Activpass mobile app. The instant redemption of points reduces time and hassle compared to traditional voucher redemption. DBS customers now have instant access to over 350 partner outlets to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.



Taking care of your loved ones should be a frictionless experience

Homage delivers thousands of hours of caregiving for the elderly every month, including nursing procedures and home physiotherapy services - and works with hundreds of care professionals. To that end, it is imperative that the social enterprise enables a painless, scalable and hassle-free payment experience, keeping the administrative part of home care in the background and letting the care stand out. For the first-time ever, customers can pay for in-home elder care assessments using your DBS points through Homage’s technology platform. Integrating with the DBS API has helped the organization scale its payments and keep focus on the most important aspect of what they do – providing trusted quality eldercare.


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