Portraits of Purpose

Nothing shines brighter in the midst of adversity than light born of hope, courage, perseverance and generosity. These beacons guide us forward, as we put one foot in front of another, toward a better future. Here we share these portraits of purpose – of people whose light shine even brighter in the face of challenges.

    Read their stories
    Standing tall, reaching out to help others and coming together to emerge stronger. These are their stories.
    Seizing the opportunities amid challenges
    Ms Wong Minying is focused on digitalising her family business to better meet head-on the difficulties posed by the pandemic.
    "I learnt that Singaporeans are very kind"
    Rahim Bin Abu Bakar’s job as a limousine driver ferrying guests from the airport ceased due to Covid-19. But he now has new purpose.
    Out of job, but full of hope
    After working in a hotel for nearly a decade, Mdm Josephine Low, 75, lost her job when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Still, she remains optimistic.
    Finding, and offering, hope during a crisis
    Business at Mr Goh Heng Hock’s noodles stall was badly hit by the pandemic, but this didn’t stop him from helping those in need.
    “No time to waste”
    Pandemic or not, Mr Wong Hing Kong has his gaze fixed firmly on the future.
    One less thing to worry about
    Many migrant workers come to Singapore to earn a living, so they can support their families back home. Here’s how DBS enabled them to continue doing so, while under quarantine.
    A welcomed light in the darkness
    A social enterprise’s solar-powered devices bring more than just illumination to families in rural India.
    In the nick of time
    During a pandemic, 5 days could make a difference between life or death. Here’s how medical equipment supplier HZHM Group and DBS rushed to save lives.
    The race to protect lives
    In the battle against a new unseen enemy, textile company Yibin Grace wasted no time in manufacturing the scarce essential good – masks.
    Warmth in the middle of a chilly winter’s night
    Motivated by nothing but a sense of purpose, Christine and her team of change agents challenged their traditional way of work to deliver much-needed help.
    A secret worth keeping
    A filial daughter behind bars sends care to her elderly parents with a little covert help.
    A “shopping” adventure to remember
    United by the single-minded focus to continue serving our customers, individuals across markets went the extra mile – literally – to procure masks for peers in Hong Kong.
    Help that came like “a bout of timely rain”
    When farmers in Taiwan were left with truckloads of produce that could not be sold, BuyNearby and Goodwill Foods intervened.
    Food for thought
    Social enterprises help farmers and food processing companies in Taiwan survive another day – while saving food and feeding the needy.
    Forging a new path forward
    Sent home to work during the pandemic, PT Trimegah Asset Management had to quickly implement new ways of working.
    Operation Relief for 30,000 villagers in dire straits
    When lockdown in India was implemented, these villagers found themselves cut off from their supply chain and stocks of food, and daily essentials dwindled. Their plight did not go unnoticed.
    S'pore-based social enterprise delivers affordable healthcare to the poor
    Mr Edward Booty says it is a social and moral injustice that 52% of people on the planet do not have access to it.
    Onwards and upwards
    Covid-19 has changed the way small and medium businesses succeed through sustainability.
    He left a life of crime to set up a social enterprise
    Anil David, who had been in prison three times, wanted to do something meaningful and set up a contact centre hiring ex-offenders.
    Healthcare start-up owner builds small Covid army to battle pandemic in Singapore
    Gillian Tee's childhood experience led her to launch a home and nursing care start-up, which has played a critical role in the face of Covid-19.
    The next game plan
    As businesses address the challenges faced by diverse communities during the pandemic, it is up to banking institutions to help them respond in a timely fashion.
    He wants to make Singapore a more sustainable and liveable city
    Mr Bjorn Low, founder of urban farming social enterprise Edible Garden City, finds his purpose in serving others.
    Waste not, want yes
    Social enterprises – empowered by financial institutions – are pushing innovative solutions for zero food waste.
    Green healthy instant noodles
    Starting a food revolution by making instant noodles that are good for health and the planet.
    Rebuilding through a crisis
    The pandemic has given banking institutions a higher purpose: bolstering businesses that support communities.
    He gave up a career in banking to do good and sell snacks
    Walter Oh gave up a career in banking to kick off a subscription service that supplies healthy snacks.
    Job portal for 'green-collar' workers
    "We realised that we could help the environment as well as allow people to gain meaningful employment in this up-and-coming industry."
    Single-use packaging gets a new lease of life
    With the surge in e-commerce brought on by the pandemic, Package Pals helps reduce waste by collecting single-use packaging and distributing them to retailers for reuse.
    Animals find fur-ever homes with online adoption drives
    From live streaming to online talk shows, the pandemic has forced animal welfare activists to get wildly creative.
    Recruiter helps job-seekers get one foot in the door
    Ms Ryshire Wu, 25, applied for more than 50 jobs and faced countless rejections before she was finally hired. She now wants to use her experience to help others.
    Helping small businesses stay competitive
    "The severe acute respiratory syndrome was bad, but Covid-19 is definitely worse. No one in the family business has gone through something like that."
    Guiding light in the travel industry
    Domestic tourism, virtual tours help guides sustain their livelihoods as borders remain closed.
    Father’s death spurred her to lend a listening ear
    "A lot of my grief was about not being able to help my father when he had end-stage lung cancer, but I hope that in some little way, I can help these people in their lives."
    Mental health advocates bridge support gaps online
    Psychological effects such as social isolation, anxiety, boredom and stress emerge as Covid-19 takes its toll on mental health.
    Delivering food to low-income families
    “I wanted to let them know that bad days don't last forever.”
    Upcycling to help the less privileged
    "It has been quite encouraging to see our little project help different groups of people and create a self-sustaining cycle."
    Shining a light for youth in the dark
    Organisations step up programmes to help youth at risk, students with financial difficulties, during the pandemic.
    Activity kits bring joy to kids in need
    They had to stop visiting the children due to Covid-19 restrictions, so volunteer group Be Kind SG came up with new ways to keep them engaged.
    Gift of language for foreign mums
    "It gives them a passport to something more in their lives. They can think a little further, beyond just being a wife and mother, beyond staying home and looking after their kids.”
    Giving women a leg up to run home food businesses
    "I believe it is only just and equitable to use our privilege to help others with less."
    Feeding vulnerable groups through meal claim and donation platform
    Taxi drivers, foreigners and students stranded in Singapore because of border closures are among those the platform is helping.
    Youth code app to assist seniors with groceries
    The goal is to help the elderly get groceries without having to compete for slots on delivery platforms or risk exposure to the coronavirus at supermarkets.
    Creatives pitch in to help small businesses
    How some are harnessing Singapore's foodie culture as a force for good.
    Caring for the community
    In trying times, a community comes together to uplift those in need.
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      Share a portrait with us
      Click on each photo to read more portraits of those who inspire us. Share your own photo story on a public Instagram account, hashtag #PortraitsofPurpose, tag @dbsbank.
      • With Covid-19 exacerbating food insecurity, DBS and The Food Bank Singapore are launching a virtual food banking app to enhance support for individuals and families affected by the crisis.

      • “DBS loan support enables us to look to the future with confidence. To focus on where we will go versus where we have been. To reinvest in our people and look to grow. To evolve and adapt to new norms - investing in new growth areas namely therapeutic horticulture, e-education and e-commerce “ – Mr Samuell Ang (left), chief executive officer, Edible Garden City

      • Meet Satish Senthil Kumar (left) our Assistant Workplace Manager, and Thiru Ramamorthy (right), Cleaning Team Lead from Chye Thiam Maintenance. They are among our deeply-valued essential frontline staff who keep our office environment clean and safe during this Covid-19 outbreak. Satish ensures that essential facilities are running smoothly on a daily basis. Thiru usually supervises the cleaning operations, but now volunteers to take on more cleaning work so older workers are at less risk of being exposed to the virus!

      • "Everything I do is with passion. Without passion, I don’t think I will serve the community today. My passion is with the elderly. When I do community care, I can talk to the elderly. I really feel fulfilled and contented and every day I go home with a smile on my face." Ms Lily Teh, Homage Care Specialist who helps with Covid-19 swab tests.

      • “As a social enterprise, not many lenders make the effort to understand what we do, our business model, and the impact we have on the community. At the onset of the virus outbreak, the first thing on our minds was to preserve jobs and make sure that our employees’ livelihoods would not be affected in a big way. ... The loan from DBS was very timely in helping us ensure we had the cash flow needed to continue our operations, retain and even upskill all our staff.” – Mr Walter Oh, co-Founder of Boxgreen

      • “As a Safe Management Officer at DBS, my duty of care is for the safety and health of the employees, which is of utmost importance to DBS and our community. Less exposure, more safety ... and while I keep the workplace safe, I also ensure I protect myself so that I can keep my home safe for my family. I hope others will share the same view and do their part to keep themselves and others safe.” – Mr Michael Lim/p>

      • “I am in the process of developing an app. We are also going to go on Facebook Live, so that we can interact more with our customers. This is what it means to do business. No matter the situation, we remain decisive, and we move accordingly.” - Mr Wong Hing Kong, director, Unidbox Hardware

      • “I learnt that Singaporeans are very kind. … While I was delivering the food, I saw volunteers from many different organisations going around the block as well. It really surprised me. I've never seen this side to Singapore, and I'm proud to be one of them as well.” - Rahim Bin Abu Bakar, who helps deliver meals to those in need

      • “If anyone of us needs help, all we need to do is ask, and help will be there. Like how I am getting food delivered to my door now. I am grateful to DBS and The Food Bank Singapore for helping me through this time.” – Madam Josephine Low, beneficiary of The Singapore Food Bank’s “Feed the City – DBS Edition” programme

      • “When you’ve been hungry before, you will know how it feels. This is just a bit that I can do to help fellow Singaporeans,” Mr Goh Heng Hock, who runs Million Fishball Noodle at a Kim San Leng coffeeshop, helps provide meals for those in need as part of The Singapore Food Bank’s “Feed the City – DBS Edition” programme

      • “The food provided is very nice. It tastes homemade. We also get fruits, juice and sometimes milk. We are in a very critical situation (because of Covid-19). We can’t work, so we cannot expect to get a full salary. The sponsored meals are very helpful – we don’t have to worry and can remit more of our salary to support family back home.” – Mr Kumarasamy Velumani, 34, a migrant worker who gets his meals from ItsRainingRainCoats’ Project Belanja – DBS Edition programme

      • "During the circuit breaker period, many seniors were looking for someone to talk to. Most of these seniors are living alone or with their partners in rental flats. The LB Virtual Befriending@SAC – Singapore’s largest-ever virtual befriending volunteer initiative by DBS and Lions Befrienders – is a good platform to help them out of social isolation and prevent their health or mental state from deteriorating." – Mr Andy Shee, senior centre manager, Lion’s Befrienders

        Your #PortraitsofPurpose
        Beautiful stories have emerged on Instagram of your own #PortraitsofPurpose.
        We’ve shortlisted 25, and invite you and your friends to vote for your favourite now! The five entries with the top votes will receive SGD 1000 to further their purpose. Voting ends 10 Oct, 2359hrs.

        Portrait of purpose - Mdm Tan - All about family happiness.

        This is a portrait of Mdm Tan - My mum. She is a woman of purpose that is centred around family happiness. I saw her taking good care of my late grandfather till he passed away - cooking his favorite food and caring for him till his last day. I saw her taking care of my dad who has dementia - having to cope with the challenges with creativity, grit and resilience. Finally, I also experienced her selfless support to me when I had a kid - travelling long distances everyday to pick and care for my kid. Her consistent purpose is around ensuring family happiness through her selfless contribution - for my late grandfather, father as well as me.



        Mr Sultan Maricar, has been making frames for almost 50 years. He enjoys making it so much that he refuses to retire, despite the pressures from the family to do so. Sultan is faced with an internal conflict - while he wishes that someone might take over his shop, he also wants his children to have better lives than he had growing up. I discover his quirky personalities, and what it takes to continue to work in trades which are fast becoming extinct in modern Singapore society and during this covid 19 situation his business has been affected yet he still put on his optimistic attitude and the best possible outcome from any given situation. He currently moved and has his new shop in Tampines industrial and I managed to photograph one of his 2nd old shop at Joo Chiat during my first visit. More photos of his new place coming soon.
        #thisissg #singapore
        #sgig #singaporeinsiders


        Kai Elmer Sotto is an entrepreneur, co-author, photographer and a founding partner at People & Company, a studio that brings clarity to organizations that want to create authentic communities.

        Previously, he was one of Facebook's early employees & helped grow it to over a billion people. After Facebook, he helped grow Instagram internationally. Alongside his partners, Bailey & Kevin, he advises about growth and community for organizations. They also coauthored an Amazon best-selling book, Get Together, a practical handbook on community-building featuring incredible stories

        Kai is also an artist and expresses himself through photography. He made films about his mentor and about a Grand Journey in Rome.

        Thank you for your friendship and always making time to meet up! I’m so glad that our universe collided! You are such an amazing dude with a beautiful soul! Always an inspiration, living purposefully.

        Will definitely miss having you around so please come back and visit soon, buddy!


        My friend, Siok Cheng, was born in the 60s, at the tail end of the polio pandemic that started in the 1930s and maimed millions of children before a vaccine was developed.

        Having a disabled leg from polio has opened her eyes to all kinds of hardships people and animals have to endure because of discrimination based on appearance, mental capacity and gender. She is especially inclined towards helping and caring for many stray animals and have done so in Singapore and overseas for close to three decades.

        When she was in her 30s, she started bringing injured cats to the vets and letting them recuperate in her home. In her 40s, she initiated cat feeding and sterilisation work for the cats in the schools where she worked as a well-loved English teacher. She was fortunate that the school management and colleagues saw how her work would impact students on character development and humane education and supported what she did.

        Her advancing years and her degenerative leg conditions mean there are limits to what she can now physically do in person for street animals.

        However that has definitely not stopped her from contributing to animal relief in other ways. She continues to support our local shelters and private rescuers by contributing to their animals’ food and treatment bills regularly.

        Since 2011, her animal work has taken her to Nepal. Each year she conducts a 'Medicine Journey to Nepal', where her friends and her will carry veterinary and food supplies to facilitate the street dog and cat rescue work in Kathmandu. These supplies are secured in Singapore through the goodwill donations of kind Singaporeans.

        Her Nepalese friend once remarked that “Singapore may be a tiny island, but look at the good that has come out of this little place". Likewise the polio virus might have impaired Siok Cheng's leg, but it has not taken away her unwavering purpose in life.

        What has been an enduring pain is also an ongoing strength and commitment to relieving the suffering of others, especially that of stray animals.

        Siok Cheng is, to me and others who know and respect her, a remarkable portrait of purpose. @dbsbank #portraitsofpurpose


        #PortraitsOfPurpose @dbsbank

        As someone with a history of depression and anxiety, Mdm Ko struggled with loneliness and was especially guarded in her interactions with people. Her battle with fibromyalgia affected her physical and social well-being, causing her to be even more withdrawn from society. However, through the constant support and encouragement from the LB Befriending staff and volunteers over the past six years, Mdm Ko built the confidence to share her life openly and established meaningful connections with others.

        It's our joy to journey with our seniors in their golden years, to be a vessel of love and to share in all of their joys and woes. We are heartened to see our seniors become healthier and happier individuals, who are empowered to move forward in life with confidence and hope. The transformed lives continually inspire us to serve and provide only the best for our seniors.

        (Photo by Paris Chia)


        Food from the Heart; A helping hand to the less fortunate, since the circuit breaker started, a Japanese restaurant 'Naga Imo' along Club Street has been giving away meals for lunch and dinner daily to the needy living in the area. The distribution point was at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.
        #covi̇d19 #singaporetogether #sgunited #singapore #singapore2020 #photographyislife #streetshared #instagram #artofvisuals #exploresg #Instasg #VisualAmbassadors #whatissingapore #iluvsg #citygrammers #kilogrammerz #asianguy #madaboutsingapore2020 #streetphotography #streetshated #thankyou #Singapore #Singapore2020 #Singaporeair #madaboutsingapore2020c #togetherwecanovercome #circuitbreakersg

        #portraitsofpurpose @dbsbank


        This is my husband who is a stroke survivor using only his right hand to deliver food and provide for our family.
        #portraitsofpurpose @dbsbank


        My dear friend @viviliciousxo has recently set up Viv’s Kitchen on IG to retail some of her home kitchen specialties (look for “Viv’s Kitchen” in her Stories highlights). I cannot find the right words to accurately explain how good her cooking is. All I can say is that whenever Viv issues an invitation, you clear your schedule and turn up with your best appetite.
        Pictured here is her glutinous rice filled with the sort of precious ingredients grandma would hand select and hoard (Chinese sausages, tea flower mushrooms, dried shrimp). The dish is packed with deep flavour that comforts as it nourishes. It’s a handy emergency meal to stash in the freezer. I bought boxes for my parents and in-laws
        In addition, on her current menu are chive pockets (I want) and various types of kimchi (I want, I want). Viv’s cuisine is like her — feisty, accomplished, and genuine.
        If nothing else, in this time of global crisis, we’ve learned to help one another with greater generosity. And the miracle of our time is the ability to extend assistance without even leaving our homes.
        A co-founder of the Singapore Cocktail Bar Association, Viv is donating all proceeds from her sales right now to the #MedBrotherhood fundraiser which benefits @electricbingsutt in Lebanon. The bar was hit by a horrific explosion. This is a fabulous opportunity to help a business in need and taste Viv’s awesome food. #rebuildingelectricbingsutt
        Also proudly trotting out my @thirty3eleven bowls specifically selected for the way they fit in the hand for bowls of rice or piping hot soup.
        #portraitsofpurpose #uplift #agape #womenunited #positivevibes #love #support #womenonthemove #giveback #womenoftomorrow #givingback #girlpower #womenforwomen


        This is the story of a man and his wife who came to Singapore in 1969. Packirisamy, 77, and Lalithambal, 69, started a restaurant with the sole intention of making sure everyone leaves well fed. The meals were (and still are) offered at very affordable rates and soon enough, the restaurant became a place to frequent.

        Everything Packirisamy cooks in the kitchen has a hint of love. Nothing compromises the immutable standards of his dishes. For our migrant workers in Singapore, the food brings them a little closer to feeling at home.

        Lalithambal, lovingly addressed as “Amma” by customers, has been the woman behind Packirisamy’s success as his better half. She plugs any gap in the restaurant’s operations by helping out in the restaurant to the best of her capacity. One would most often spot her packing food for takeaway orders or behind the cash counter.

        They have crazy working hours but have not complained one bit all these years.

        Packirisamy rides back home on his trusty bicycle, which has aged with him, while Lalithambal dodders back home after a tiring day at the restaurant.

        Their work ethics and altruism are aspects I deeply admire. I hope to possess at least a sliver of their humility, wherever life takes me.

        They are my grandparents. This fact makes me the happiest not just because of all the things that they’ve done for my family and I, but also for everyone else through their food.

        Meet Packirisamy and Lalithambal, the founders of Gandhi Restaurant at Chander Road.



        I nominate Mr Linus Lin, a passionate Singaporean, for his philanthropy work in Myanmar.

        Links: https://www.facebook.com/globalvillageforhope


        Am inspired by Linus and his work, in serving humanity unconditionally, warmth & heart in wanting to make this world a better place, 1 kind act at a time.

        Since 2013, together with his Myanmar team & Singapore volunteers, they have been helping the disadvantaged, in areas in education to improving of basic amenities like constructing wells for villages to gain access to clean water and organizing rice donation efforts. This came about when its founders realized that many villagers either had to walk great distances to obtain water for consumption or collect muddy water from rivers.

        Linus is a role model for future generations of Singaporeans who continue to make an impact in disadvantaged communities.

        AT A GLANCE:
        75 children have been sponsored by GVH, which pays for their school uniforms, educational materials and tuition classes.

        400 children are estimated to have taken part in GVH’s holiday camps that include non-academic enrichment classes.

        30 wells have been constructed in rural areas.

        1,603 sacks of rice have been distributed to villagers. #PortraitsofPurpose @dbsbank @linguoyao @globalvillageforhope @dbsbank


        Uncle Shi, aka Uncle in Pajamas, is keeping the butter coffee and other Singapore traditions alive despite the challenging time. 83-year old uncle sat in a class for certification when the shop had to close for few weeks during the circuit breaker implementation. Most of us might choose to complain about inconvenience, lost of business opportunities and demand for government helps - while this uncle chose to be out of his comfort zone in order to continue reminding us of Singapore values when we start picking up the new normal.

        Safe entry barcode is there, remember to scan when you get there for a chat with old friend over kopi and kaya toast, or even if you are going to be there for few minutes only to tabao your daily dose of kopi.

        For #portraitsofpurpose of @dbsbank.


        #singapore #instasg #madaboutsingapore2020c #communityfirst #oursingapore #SGunited #SingaporeTogether #HeapSengLeong


        We are a group of like-minded youths who are working on an initiative to serve the displaced families and individuals in Singapore. Although we may be from different walks of life, we are united under this common goal.

        It started off purely as a trip to interact with the locals in Chinatown, but it led to increased exposure and awareness on this issue in our society. At Jalan Kukoh, an estate with numerous one-room HDB flats, we struck up a conversation with a man who shared how he had no home, no family, no place to go. It was then we realised that there was definitely a pressing need to address this community at large, especially in times of a global pandemic where they are more vulnerable than ever.

        Since then, we've been involved in multiple projects, such as: food distribution, home improvement projects, fundraisers, infographics, and are currently kickstarting a tutoring programme. We hope to inspire youths to do their part, even in the face of adversity.

        📷: #portraitsofpurpose @dbsbank


        26 Aug 20 [Pay-It-Forward 1.0] :: We are never too young to shine! I wish my children learn tangible lessons about kindness, generosity and hope from their very first Pay-It-Forward art project. We gained so much from this as a family even though tireless hours had been spent putting all of these together from painting [by our 6yo], R&D, conceptualisation, photography and now, packing to have your stationery sets sent to you.
        I am truly touched by the generosity of this community who came forth raising their hands and saying, “Me!”. Thank you for turning dreams into reality for my children who came up with the idea to donate 100% of our sales proceeds to Riding for the Disabled Association and that came up to $10,120! They’ve learnt how kind people can be by experiencing it first-hand from you and your children. I know a handful of your big-hearted kids offered to donate from their piggy bank and that’s super awesome to know my children are inspiring yours and vice versa.
        We look forward to plan our next fund-raising instalment: Pay-It-Forward 2.0! Till then, we promise to come up with something meaningful like this one. Something your children can have fun with on lazy days. And research deeply on a worthy beneficiary to support.
        #WeRideOnYourSupport #FayeDiddleDoodleGivesBack #FayeDiddleDoodle #PortraitsofPurpose #bigbro文 #fayefaye妹妹 #ThisIsSG
        We are on a packing frenzy right now and still cutting 550 more stickers to meet your orders [good thing the kids find it fun but their attention span is low so we will need more time]. I seek your understanding [for those who ordered five sets and above] that you will receive your stationery sets loose and not individually bound to flatten the package which will in turn lower the cost of postage ❤️


        The pandemic has changed the way medicine is practiced internationally. One of the direct impacts on healthcare workers is the need to put on personal protective equipment when providing patient care.

        A healthcare worker helps her colleague doff her gown at the end of her shift. I am inspired by frontline workers who have to work extra hard due to the pandemic. It is heartening to witness teamwork and colleagues looking after each other's back!



        This is Jek! When he's not flying a plane or spending time with his family, he volunteers his skills and time to The Food Bank!

        Since the start of circuit breaker, Jek has been committed to delivering meals to our beneficiaries everyday, rain or shine. He has been instrumental in ensuring our beneficiaries receive food, and is truly inspiring to The Food Bank Team!

        His volunteering spirit is one that we can definitely learn from to make Singapore a better place!

        #PortraitsofPurpose #ThisIsSG #foodbanksg


        Migrant workers have always been a huge part of our Soap Cycling Singapore community. They aren't just recipients of our soap.
        In the days before COVID-19, injured migrant workers who were assisted by our community partner, Singapore Accident Help Centre, had stepped up to volunteer with Soap Cycling to reprocess and upcycle over 1,500kg of soap (that's approximately 10,500 bars!) for migrant workers staying in the dormitories, and for low-income Singaporeans and overseas communities. We are grateful for their efforts, contributions and time spent with us.
        When the pandemic wreaked havoc in the dormitories, and thousands of migrant workers were placed in quarantine, we worked closely with our community partner to send thousands of bar soap and care kits to some 2,000 migrant workers – soap became the essential tool (next to hand sanitisers) as the first line of defence.
        The pandemic has shed light on the living conditions of migrant workers, and Soap Cycling Singapore is glad to be able to play a part in providing sanitary items especially soap in their time of need.
        #soapcycling #soapcyclingsg #sonybethechange @dbsbank @sonysingapore (Photo By: @_xinpeipei)


        ‘Purpose’ to us, is doing what we can to see someone smile.

        Together with my friends from the Matchsticks of IMH, we created 750 journaling packs for the residents in the acute wards at the Institute of Mental Health, to support and encourage them during the Covid19 pandemic.

        Every item in the pack is designed and created from scratch by the team. Uplifting quotes were curated as part of the design, and we finished off every pack with a customized handwritten note.

        Through this, we hope that the residents will know that there’re people cheering them on, and they are not alone.

        @dbsbank #portraitsofpurpose


        #ThisisSG #PortraitsofPurpose @dbsbank

        Walking the extra mile to sort and deliver warm meals to each household.
        From - Jack Koh Lau Kee


        COVID-19 has deeply impacted our lives and livelihoods, especially so for needy families. This ground-up initiative was done to help the most vulnerable in our community.

        With the help of MINDS and their social worker, the needy families were carefully picked. These needy families were able to choose what NTUC groceries they wanted and personalise it to fit their needs.

        In June 2020, we delivered the groceries to the needy students and their families. Upon delivery, they were most grateful for the much needed groceries.

        I hope to win the DBS Portraits of Purpose on Instagram Contest, so that I can do more deliveries to needy families in December. Especially during Christmas time, it would be nice to bring a very special Christmas present to the children from MINDS. It will be so wonderful to see their happy faces when they receive their Christmas present!



        Care to go beyond 💖
        Being deployed to the foreign worker dormitory has been the best thing that ever happened in my career.
        My purpose of life is to give without expecting anything in return. How about you?
        @valerieysabelle #nurse #lifeofanurse
        #nursing #healthcare #healthcareworkers
        #covid #singapore #caretogobeyond


        We started our partnership with @willinghearts_sg 4 months ago to provide daily meal support for kakis-in-need. Since then, many of our kaki volunteers have stepped up to manage daily meal distribution operations at their kampungs in Marsiling, Bedok, Pasir Ris, Redhill and Sin Ming Rd. Through this, our kakis also identify and refer any elderly or low-income families living in rental flats who needs support beyond daily meals and can benefit from our resources.

        Kudos to all our kakis who are going above and beyond for their kampung! 💪🏻 Come join our #KampungKakis family in the fight against hunger!

        #PortraitsofPurpose @dbsbank

        📷: Caroline Chia


        This is a post dedicated to all fathers, who work hard to provide for their families and remain as a strong pillar for their families in the face of adversity.

        My father manages a small business selling traditional chinese dried goods. The shop serves locals and tourists and he earns enough to get by.

        When COVID-19 hit, flights were banned and the retail sectors that depended on tourism suffered badly, including my father’s shop, which was forced to close during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period.

        “Wouldn’t that affect your income, Pa?” I was worried.

        “It’s ok. Now there are no flights, no tourists and people cannot go out. Just take it as a break.” He calmly replied.

        When Phase 2 came, casual travel was still not allowed and while the shop could open, there was just a handful of customers a day.

        “See this weighing scale here? It’s traditional, and not a lot of people know how to use it anymore.” My father proudly demonstrated to me.

        I observed him quietly. He is a traditional man, a man who is hard forged by the years of hardship in building up his business. It must have been heartbreaking to see the business suffer, but he did not let it get him down. Despite the challenging times, he remains positive and a calming figure at home. There are fewer things in the store to sell now but he still opens the shop everyday, insisting on serving the few regular customers who drop by.

        Now he spends the “free” time he has with his grandchildren, sharing with them the knowledge he has gained over the years. He started finding out about smartphones, Whatsapp and social media and tried to connect with them in modern ways. I am glad he takes lifelong learning in his stride. He teaches us the purpose of life, and is an inspiration to us.

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        I was diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy since birth.
        It is a genetic disorder which causes the muscles to debilitate over the years, leading to a slew of complications, such as the curving of the spine sideways, difficulty in swallowing and articulation of speech, as well as weakening of the lungs and heart muscles.

        My sister Sharon who is my main caregiver for over 2 decades has been through a lot of hardships which no one else could undertake.
        She is courageous , mentally she is indestructible.
        She is the one who inspires me to be positive and compassion.

        To be honest, i wouldn't have been able to thrive & come so far without her unconditional & sacrificial love.

        Although my sister and I are 14 years apart, we share a very close bond, so close that many people would mistake her for being my mum.
        We are inseparable as we spend most of the time together while our parents are out for work.
        Even when i am hospitalised, my sister would stay overnight to accompany me, sleeping on the cold hard floor.

        It is really tough on her as a full time caregiver and i believe it has taken a toll on her physically and mentally.
        She is an extraordinary caregiver, a caregiver who not only provides quality holistic care but also brings out the fullest potential in me.

        Defying against all odds, I had managed to pass my "O" level with flying colours and proceeded to pursue my dream course in Polytechnic.
        However, due to ailing health i had to put everything on hold at the moment but that doesn't hinder my passion in giving back to the society.
        I spend most of the time at home crocheting baskets for a charity event & helping students who are taking their PSLE this year by providing complimentary math lessons online.
        Despite struggling to breathe every moment, i feel that every moment spent is filled with purpose.

        This photo was taken back in 2015 during an interview with artiste Joanna Dong @j_o_a_n_n_a_d_o_n_g for a documentary show.
        This photo perfectly dictates the meaning of a sentence every radiant smile, there is an untold story.
        Sharon is truly an inspiration.

        @dbsbank #PortraitsOfPurpose



        A rare picture of me in a bad posture bending to pick up trash. Can't believe it's been two months since this initiative and in just 1 month, as a community we have picked up 10,000kg of trash.

        Never would I have imagined how one insta story, could turn into a stronghold of 2,500 people on telegram. I am immesnsely grateful for everyone who has supported and really took the time to come down just to pick trash! :)

        Looking forward to just going down to meet community members on the beach, and doing whatever we can. Ultimately I hope these initiatives show that we do care, and we can work together to solve this challenge of plastic pollution



        (Pop-Up Grocery – 13 September 2020)

        Our Pop-Up Grocery proceeded as planned despite the rain, lesser rescued food and groceries. We saw familiar faces at our pop-up grocery. Residents staying at the rental households and repeated donors dropping off their donations.
        It was heartening to see several residents who had taken the groceries from us, coming back to contribute their unwanted groceries and helping to reduce wastage at the same time.

        This initiative serves more than just helping the needy and reducing wastage. Through our interactions with the residents, we got to know of those who require further assistance.
        We will follow up to see how we can help them with available resources and link them up with social service agencies.

        After having 2 Pop-Up Grocery events, we are pretty sure we will continue this initiative as it has benefited many people in many ways. We hope to receive support from like-minded people/organisations to keep our pop-up going.
        Please do reach out to us and see how we can work together in this initiative.

        Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much ~Helen Keller

        #SmilesSalamSg #PopUpGrocery #PortraitsofPurpose @dbsbank #BeGreaterSg #SpreadingKindness #KampungSpirit

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