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GDP growth, % YoY3.
CPI inflation, % YoY0.
Exchange rates, end of period1.351.381.421.411.41
Policy interest rates, end of period1.951.801.601.601.60
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While economic outlook remains challenging, some signs of stabilization are emerging.SingaporeGrowth/iwov-resources/aics/images/AICS/AIO/en/102019/191014_insights_thumb_singapore.jpg/aics/templatedata/article/generic/data/en/GR/102019/191014_insights_singapore.xmlSingapore averts a technical recession despite weak growthOctober 14, 2019Expect a flatter slope for the SGD NEER policy band.SingaporeFX/iwov-resources/aics/images/AICS/AIO/en/102019/191007_insights_thumb_sgd.jpg/aics/templatedata/article/generic/data/en/GR/102019/191007_insights_sgd.xmlSingapore: A gentler SGD slope in a tougher environmentOctober 07, 2019SGD rates outperformance versus USD rates can continue.SingaporeRates/iwov-resources/aics/images/AICS/AIO/en/092019/190912_economics_thumb_sgd_rate.jpg/aics/templatedata/article/generic/data/en/GR/092019/190912_economics_sgd_rates.xmlSGD rates: Policy easing and rate outlookSeptember 12, 2019Singapore EquitiesInsightsEquitiesView AllRead Morenotaligned139For this and other ideas, please check out the Singapore Stock Pulse. Your go-to morning essential that inspires you with investment and trading ideas daily.SingaporeStock Pulse/iwov-resources/aics/images/AICS/wired_daily_singapore/wired_article_02_thumb.jpg/aics/templatedata/article/generic/data/en/GR/102019/191015_singapore_stock_pulse.xmlFintech acquisitions on the horizon for SGXOctober 15, 2019The Straits Times Index (STI) has risen 2.2% since our last update on 15 AugustSingaporeEquities/iwov-resources/aics/images/MODEL-PORT/201903/thumb_sg_model_portfolio.jpg/aics/templatedata/article/generic/data/en/GR/000000/000000_insights_singapore_model_portfolio.xmlSingapore Equity PicksOctober 14, 2019For this and other ideas, please check out the Singapore Stock Pulse. Your go-to morning essential that inspires you with investment and trading ideas daily.SingaporeStock Pulse/iwov-resources/aics/images/AICS/wired_daily_singapore/wired_article_01_thumb.jpg/aics/templatedata/article/generic/data/en/GR/102019/191014_singapore_stock_pulse.xmlMarkets rally on positive step forth in trade negotiationsOctober 14, 2019

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