Types of cybercrime.

Cyber crime is becoming a wide-spread epidemic today. Though there is very little awareness about it, ironically it is the one which requires the most attention. Cybercrime increases over 60% every year. The thought itself should send shudders down the spine.

There are different approaches in the commitment of illegal activities through the computer or the internet. Here we list down some of the very common and the very dangerous cyber crimes:

  • Phishing
    This is the one where you HAVE to enter your bank account information for “verification” purposes. Sounds familiar? Phishing is the most common type of crime; it has grown three-fold in 2014 since the previous year. Always be weary of the fact that your bank and other important sites won’t ask you login details just for “verification”.
  • Hacking
    When your cyber security is in vain, it’s the hacker’s gain. Hacking simply means gaining access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization. Hackers write or use ready-made computer programs to attack the target computer.
  • Fraud over the internet-
    If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So when you get a job opportunity from a big MNC giving you way more package then you can imagine- red alert! It’s probably fraud. Or if you are amongst the ‘privileged’ in a sweepstakes, you know there should be a red flag right there. You can’t hide from internet fraud- it can occur in chat rooms, email, message boards, or on websites. So the next time making some quick bucks excites you, be weary, someone might be anticipating that.
  • Electronic harassment-
    Electronic harassment is one of the most fatal cybercrimes. It happens through the manipulation of the body and mind by sophisticated technologies. It is the ultimate control someone has over the way you feel or the way your body functions. It goes to such an extent that sometimes you even hear the voices of other people inside your mind with no other signs of mental illness (Voice to skull or V2K). The human skull has no “firewall” and therefore cannot shut the voice out. What’s scarier- the victim has no idea what’s happening to them.
  • Cyber stalking
    Cyber stalking- as if normal stalking wasn’t creepy enough. This crime unfortunately has become even easier with the advent of internet. It basically uses the internet (emails, chat rooms, IMs) to harass and track a certain individual. There is no limit to how or from where a person commits the crime.
  • Child pornography or prostitution-
    The advent of the Internet has dramatically magnified the child pornography problem, and has called for new approaches to control. It ranges from taking illicit sexual images of children to sexting to even child sex tourism.
  • Copyright infringement-
    You wrote an exceptional piece of article and proudly published it online. After a few days, you see the same article published on some other site under the name of a completely unknown person. You are a victim of plagiarism or what is called, copyright infringement. Piracy and intellectual work theft comes under copyright infringement. It also includes hosting, distributing, or downloading a copyrighted work without the consent of owner.

It would be easier to say- just don’t have an online account. But since this is almost next to impossible, and there are still ways you might fall into the cyber trap, we suggest you always be on a high alert online. The extent of this crime is too vast to be filed under one article. The gravity of this issue is not something that can be taken lightly. The internet has come with a lot of ease, efficiency and connectivity, but at the same time it might just turn out to be the biggest curse. Make sure you have all the preventive measures required to stay as much secure as you can.

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