Cloud Enablement

  • Work collaboratively with the DBS internal applications teams to understand the application and assist in usage of infra as code pipeline and integration of business applications into the DBS public cloud deployment methodology

  • Code development, integration and troubleshooting during development and integration with the DBS public cloud deployment pipeline and the public cloud services to enable application teams go live target deadlines

  • Knowledge sharing via creation and maintenance of knowledge base articles, blogs, guilds and keep documentation up to date

  • Assist and guide application developers to make decisions for public cloud technology selection against design objectives such as cost analysis, optimization, efficiency, performance and security

  • Ensure compliance with the established DBS public cloud deployment methodology, principles, patterns and security policy while enabling application team objectives

  • Troubleshoot / produce hotfixes and bug fixes in any of the production pipeline systems or portals

  • You may have some years Enterprise experience building complex solutions within AWS and experience with architecting AWS production workloads for Business and IT operations, across a hybrid cloud environment

  • Able to demonstrable strong cloud architecture or development experience, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Professional or specialist level certification

  • Understand and execute command of infrastructure components and low-level fundamentals, Firewalls, TCP/IP, DNS, ICMP, Networking, Switching, PKI, TLS, CORS

  • May have experience with any flavour of Linux

  • May have experience with Enterprise application development mastery in one or more languages/framework in preference of order
    o Python
    o Java / Spring
    o Node/Angular/JS
    o Other

  • May have experience with a continuous delivery and continuous integration development environment git

  • May have experience in at least one of the following in enterprise security aware setting: K8S, Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Jenkins, Bamboo

  • Understand and execute Command of web technology fundamentals HTTP, Websockets, Content Distribution, WAF, REST, JSON, YAML

  • Knowledge in designing and performing automated backup for common persistent stores such as SQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis

  • Some or limited or interest in front end development Angular, Bootstrap HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Possesses knowledge of infrastructure components, TCP/IP, DNS, ICMP, PKI, TLS as well as enterprise security aware setting: K8S, Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Jenkins, Bamboo, Pulumi

  • Knowledge and Experience with Containers and Serverless Architecture

  • Able to debug and troubleshoot vast complex systems and write code on the spot to resolve

  • Outstanding customer service skills and customer first - get it done mentality

  • May have experience working under Agile methodology