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Structured Investments Know more
Structured Investments

Structured investments are a form of investment that is combined with different derivative products and is linked to different financial tools depending on different market situations. Under normal conditions, the rate of returns of structured investments is based on the performance of a particular primary financial tool and will fluctuate together with market trends.

Premium Investments Know more
Premium Investments

DBS Premium Investments is a non-guaranteed structured investment product made up of foreign currency fixed deposits and options. Customers investing in this product sell foreign currency options to the bank based on a pre-determined exchange rate (“Agreed Exchange Rate”) in order to enjoy returns greater than that of regular foreign currency fixed deposits.

Premium Investments

Structured Notes, via investing in offshore structured notes, tracks the performance of stocks, indices, mutual funds or other kinds of financial assets, and provides you potential returns and diversifies risk through diversified and flexible various return-payment terms to meet your investment needs in asset allocation.